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Call or email to schedule a court reporter, legal  videographer, or translator.


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Conference Rooms

Complimentary conference rooms when scheduling an mg reporting court reporter.

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If you will be conducting a deposition out of state, we can assist you in finding a court reporter. 

If you are an out-of-state court reporting firm, trust us to provide your clients with the same high level of service we provide our local clients in Arizona.


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Best Kept Record

We transcribe all audio file formats.  We can provide you timely certified transcripts transcribed by certified court reporters.

Most audio files can be sent electronically for your convenience.

Statewide Coverage

Our court reporters cover the entire state of Arizona.

                  Phoenix, Arizona  602.512.1300

We provide coverage for remote, in-person, and hybrid depositions to keep everyone safe.


We can conduct videoconference tests in advance of depositions to ensure your deposition goes smoothly.

Schedule mg reporting Court Reporters with confidence.  Our court reporters are highly experienced.

Our talents and skills include providing realtime court reporting services.

All our court reporters are certified court reporters in Arizona and nationally.

mg reporting     Phoenix, Arizona Court Reporters 


The court reporters at mg reporting have extensive experience covering all types of legal proceedings throughout the state of Arizona, including videotaped depositions, expert witness depositions, arbitrations, and hearings. 

mg reporting Court Reporters is managed by a working court reporter with over 29 years of experience.  We are a business built on referrals.  When scheduling a court reporter to cover a deposition throughout the state of Arizona, we will guide you through the necessary scheduling details to ensure your deposition goes smoothly.  Our goal is to earn your trust so you can schedule and refer mg reporting throughout your firm with confidence for all your future depositions in Arizona.

Your business is important to us whether you are a valued, loyal local client or visiting and conducting a deposition in Arizona.  We strive to meet and exceed your expectations as impartial guardians of the record and officers of the court.

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We have been covering the state of Arizona since 1991. 

All of our court reporters are Arizona certified court reporters. 

You can schedule mg reporting with confidence to cover your next deposition in Arizona.