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Transcripts are delivered promptly in 10 days.  We can also provide daily transcripts, expedited transcripts (2-3 days), or same-day rough draft/dirty ascii transcripts.  Advanced notice of rush delivery requests for transcripts is recommended.  This allows the court reporter to schedule his/her time accordingly.

Transcripts can be provided in all electronic formats, including, but not limited to:   PDF (Adobe/Acrobat), PTX (Etranscript), TXT (ascii).


Min-U-Script allows court reporters to provide electronic transcripts in a popular PDF Bundle.  The PDF Bundle includes the following files all bundled within the same PDF file:

  • Screenview transcript file (this file is easily exported for viewing on iPads; print function disabled)
  • Full-sized transcript with a word index (this individual PDF file can be printed, searched, exported)
  • Condensed (4-to-a-page) transcript with a word index (this individual PDF file can be printed, searched, exported)
  • ASCII (.txt) transcript file (can be exported for use in Mobile Transcript  app and litigation support software)
  • Exhibit Bundle (includes an exhibit index and individually scanned PDF exhibits, if applicable)

The PDF Bundle is user-friendly and can easily be emailed to consulting experts, co-counsel, administrative staff, and clients.  Since most computers have Adobe preinstalled, there is no need to download additional software in order to access the PDF Bundle.


Wireless Interactive Realtime allows your computer to be connected to the court reporter's computer to have simultaneous (realtime) viewing of the proceedings, including witness testimony, colloquy, and objections, on your computer screen.  This enables you to mark selected portions of witness testimony and the ability to type notes within the electronic file which can be easily referenced later in the proceedings and saved electronically at the end of the proceedings.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  These notes and markings that you make during the proceedings are only visible and applied to your file and are not visible on any other computer that may be connected to the court reporter's computer.

Loaner computers with preloaded realtime viewing software are available upon request for Interactive Realtime. 

Realtime viewing software, including Bridge, Summation, CaseView, LiveNote, allow court reporters to output to attorney computers.  Contact our office for further download information for free realtime viewing software.

Rough draft/dirty transcript is provided in an ascii (.txt) file format via email following the proceedings.


For court proceedings that have been recorded, you can request the audio files from the court and provide mg reporting the audio files, and our certified court reporters will provide you a certified transcript of the proceedings.  We also transcribe audio files of other recorded events.


All exhibits are scanned and archived.  Upon request, we can scan exhibits with OCR (optical character recognition) to enable the electronic searching of PDF exhibits.  Also upon request, the scanned PDF exhibits can be hyperlinked within the transcript.  Each time there is a reference within the transcript to "Exhibit 1" or "Exhibit No. 1" or  "No. 1," these references will be hyperlinks that  you can click on the hyperlink and the PDF of  Exhibit 1 will open up for your reference.

For ongoing cases/matters, mg reporting Court Reporters will create witness exhibit binders and update the binders with all sequentially marked exhibits.  These exhibit binders will be taken to each deposition scheduled in the matter for reference by each subsequent witness.


If your witness is located in Arizona, to avoid expensive travel costs and hotel stays, you can schedule a deposition to be conducted via videoconferencing.  Videoconferencing not only saves you travel time and costs, but it allows realtime viewing of the testifying witness and counsel who may be present with the witness. 

Best Kept Record

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mg reporting Court Reporters has extensive experience covering all types of legal proceedings in Arizona, whether it's expert testimony or lay testimony; depositions, court hearings, or arbitrations.  Each court reporter is licensed and certified by the Arizona Certification & Licensing Division.  

We also have certified court reporters who have an additional national certification, Certified Realtime Reporter (CRR), and CRRs have demonstrated proficiency in the provision of interactive realtime court reporting services.  For more information on interactive realtime court reporting, please see below.


At mg reporting Court Reporters, we schedule nationally certified videographers who have extensive experience in legal videography.  Court reporters and videographers work together to provide synchronized transcripts and videos for trial presentation.  The transcript text is visible on the display screen as the video is played.