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At mg reporting Court Reporters, we schedule certified videographers who have extensive experience in legal videography.  Court reporters and videographers work together to provide synchronized transcripts and videos for trial presentation.

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mg reporting Court Reporters has extensive experience covering all types of legal proceedings in Arizona, whether it's expert testimony or lay testimony; depositions, court hearings, or arbitrations.  Each court reporter is licensed and certified by the Arizona Certification & Licensing Division.  

We also have certified court reporters who have additional national certifications:  Certified Realtime Reporter (CRR), Registered Merit Reporter (RMR), Registered Diplomate Reporter (RDR).   A Certified Realtime Reporter (CRR) has demonstrated proficiency in the provision of interactive realtime court reporting services.


Wireless Interactive Realtime allows your computer to be connected to the court reporter's computer to have simultaneous (realtime) viewing of the proceedings, including witness testimony, colloquy, and objections, on your computer screen.  This enables you to mark selected portions of witness testimony and the ability to type notes within the electronic file which can be easily referenced later in the proceedings and saved electronically at the end of the proceedings.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  These notes and markings that you make during the proceedings are only visible and applied to your file and are not visible on any other computer that may be connected to the court reporter's computer.

Loaner computers with preloaded realtime viewing software are available upon request for Interactive Realtime. 

Realtime viewing software, including Bridge, Summation, CaseView, LiveNote, allow court reporters to output to attorney computers.  Contact our office for further download information for free realtime viewing software.

Rough draft transcript is provided in an ascii (.txt) file format via email following the proceedings.


Our court reporters provide certified transcripts for court proceedings that have been electronically recorded.   We also transcribe all other forms of electronic audio files.


If your witness is located in Arizona, to avoid expensive travel costs and hotel stays, you can schedule a deposition to be conducted via videoconferencing.  Videoconferencing not only saves you travel time and costs, but it allows realtime viewing of the testifying witness and counsel who may be present with the witness.